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IMG-20160225-WA0006In many communities up North and the rest of the country, there is what can at best be described as abject poverty and deprivation. Not only is the deprivation visibly inherent in the people but also the communities they live in. Most times, the politicians only talk about what they have done in terms of development. They don’t talk about the real suffering. This is a gab THE VOICELESS has come to fill.  We will praise when we have to praise. We will generally be busy about advocating for the voiceless. We will publish political materials as well as long as those materials are oriented towards development.

As persons who have nearly two decades experience in the media, we shall not compromise one bit on professionalism. We want ours to be a real outlet of change. We want the difference to be profoundly clear.

We are fully conscious of the challenges facing the development of the media in Ghana. Especially the private media. We have a strategy to win. You, our dear readers are part of our winning magic.

If your community is bedeviled with bad roads, we are your voice. If you have no good drinking water and access to good health we are your voice. If there is an abuse of your human rights, we are your voice. If you are doing well in your corner, we have a voice to amplify your achievement.

We will partner  with all programmes aimed at enlisting peace for development in our communities.

We are aware we will be tagged. It is usual in this game and we are ready.
There are times telling and insisting on the truth will win us criticism and insults. We will tell the truth anyway.  We are your voice when you need it most. We are

the foremost voice of the voiceless.
We look forward to your friendship and partnership.