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Posted: January 9, 2019 at 5:24 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Ghanaweb, on 8th January, published an online survey purportedly conducted by iPoll in partnership with TV3 the results which claims to show that Ghanaians are not satisfied with the performance of the government over its first two years.

This survey is follows the current trend of similar “sham” surveys which lacks methodological and technical rigour and which are generally sponsored and anchored by politically-tainted academics trying to pass off pseudo-surveys as credible work.

This so-called study lacks credibility and must not be taken seriously by anyone. It provides little to know information on the population, sample distribution and size, and geographic coverage distribution of the sample, among others.

Worse, the credibility of its lead researcher, Dr. Albert Kobby Mensah of the University of Ghana Business School is questionable. Dr. Mensah is sympathetic towards the NDC and has consistently, and desperately, made it his mission to focus his work on discrediting the good works of the government of the NPP in the hopes that it will make the NDC look good in the eyes of the public.

Dr. Mensah is the principal Advisor, and de facto Campaign Manager to Mr. Alban Bagbin in the latter’s bid to win the NDC flagbearership contest. In this capacity, he uses every opportunity to take swipes at the NPP government.

Here is a political party activist, a man who does not just write against the NPP but who takes to the ground on behalf of the NDC, and who took part in the NDC-organised demonstration last year against Ken Ofori-Atta, leading a research study that claims Ghanaians are dissatisfied with the NDC!!! Even Mami Water will not buy the fudged results of this so-called study.

Strangely the study did not even point to a single good intervention done by the NPP government, except for an obvious red herring in mentioning a few ministers as doing well.

Simply put, this study lacks credibility in every sense, technically and also in independence, nor does it reflect the opinion of majority of Ghanaians as indicated by more credible studies like the latest round of CDD’s Afrobarometer which places the President’s performance at 76%.

This self-serving piece of skewed, pseudo-survey must be ignored.