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Posted: January 22, 2019 at 11:39 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The good people of Yendi, Dagbon and the entire nation were overly excited when it was announced that the selection committee of the Dagbon Kingdom in line with tradition, selected the Yoo Naa Abukari Mahama as the new Yaa Naa. Soon after the announcement, the Yaa Naa Elect sent a delegation to the two Regents, Boling Lana Abdulai Mahamadu and Kampakuya Naa Abdulai Yakubu Andani to formally inform them of his selection.

Later that same day, a congratulatory message from the Regent Boling Lana Abdulai Mahamadu was published on both print and electronic media declaring his support and loyalty to the new King. This was after a powerful delegation from his palace had already gone to congratulate the New King on the Regent’s behalf. The Regent subsequently granted an interview with UTV calling for calm and support for the new Yaa Naa to build a United Dagbon. This was very refreshing as it served as a major boost to the ongoing peace process since he was also a serious contender to the Namship.

A curfew was declared to enable the customary people to carry out their customary rites without any interruptions as the new Yaa Naa elect was to be taken to the royal mausoleum (Katini) for traditional and customary rites.

Yendi generally was calm!

The Regent Boling Lana Abdulai Mahamadu appealed to all the people gathered at his palace to observe the curfew by leaving for their homes before the time.

Everybody complied!

The few people left in his house were members of his household and his personal aides.

Our late brother Gaddafi also left the palace and moved to sleep at a house nearby, about 100 meters away from Dugu palace. As he was moving into the house, one of the soldiers saw him and alerted his colleagues. They then reportedly gathered around the house within some couple of minutes and ordered Gaddafi to come out by the count of 15.

It’s imperative to note that Gaddafi was far asleep because he was under the weather. What then is an order to a warrior who was already sleeping and snoring?

Our brother Gaddafi was unarmed and never had even a bread knife with him. Soon after the count of ten, they started firing indiscriminately at the house and through the window.

After sometime, they entered and found him dead!

The two people who were arrested were never with Gaddafi since the deceased was the only person in that house. The soldiers after this cowardly act decided to move into the nearby houses to beat up people. One of those arrested is a young boy and the other was an adult who got drunk and was sleeping outside his home.

Why is it being reported as though they were arrested at the same place that Gaddafi was innocently killed?

Whom were they trying to please or impress with the deliberate lie that they killed ‘one of three attackers and arrested two’ ? What signal are they trying to send?

Sadly enough, the military took pictures of him and published it. As at the time the incident happened, the only people who had information and access to the corpse was the security agencies.

So what was the intent?

The question is, was there really exchange of gunshots?

What kind of gun was he wielding?

Where is the said gun?

Why should the military cover up their unprofessional conduct with lies?

Why didn’t the military put the weapon beside the corpse and take pictures for all to see as it’s often the practice in such cases?

Are we safe?


If the soldiers were a little professional, they could have entered into that house to arrest our brother who was unarmed and was even sleeping!

The punishment for a person caught during curfew hours is not death especially when he didn’t pose any danger!

Granted that he was caught breaching the law, was it right for the military to shoot him to death?

Let’s be careful since the actions of the military put the lives of all of us at risk because what it means is that anybody could be shot by a military officer with a flimsy excuse! Let’s watch out!

To those who took the police report based on the account of the military and putting slant to it, must understand that nobody sent anybody to kill anyone.

It’s a known fact that the key Abudu Chiefs were part of the customary people leading the Yaa Naa to the Gbewaa Palace that night. The Regents of Tolon and Gushiegu were key Abudus who played leading roles alongside the other customary people in the enskinment process.

I don’t think if Abudus had any intention to attack and kill the new Yaa Naa, their members lives would have been endangered that way since they were very much involved in the process.

Will Abudus have allowed their chiefs to take part if they were against it?

Will Gaddafi have been the one trying to lead the Regent Boling Lana Abdulai Mahamadu to Katini when the likes of Major (rtd) Sulemana, Regent of Tolon, Diyali Regent, Mba Dugu etc were all in Yendi?

Why should the Abudus been the same people again leading the new Yaa Naa to Zohi after he exited from Katini?

I’m not an expert in communication but obviously the regional police PRO needs to sit up. He needs to understand the environment within which he operates. He should stop taking sides and making statements out of ignorance or speculation! The convenient and one sided half truths he usually put out is dangerous to the peace process!

He should learn to crosscheck and double check his facts!

There have been concerns by well meaning citizens of Yendi about the kind of security reports from the District officers of BNI, CID as well as the military and police commanders since such reports often aren’t truthful.

These lies usually create needless tension and upheavals!

We don’t know what they seek to achieve!

What’s their motivation?

Dagbon does not need alarmist and trigger happy security personnel at this point!

Long live Dagbon!

Like the father of the deceased; Alhaji King Hassan (Miong Sab Naa) said; ” I have given everything to God and I know that the bullet for the Soldier who killed my son is with the Almighty Allah. Let’s watch closely how that Soldier would end “.

May the soul of our late brother rest in perfect peace!

By :Abdul -Halim Rubai