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These names, Abudu and Andani were names of brothers of the same father, Naa Yakubu (I) but with different mothers.

Abudu was the elder most son and Andani was next. Abudu succeeded his father, Naa Yakubu (I). Naa Andani Jirlon (II) succeeded his brother, Naa Abudu Nabieg.

Today those names are now represented as names of the only two royal gates that ascend to the kingship by their descendants.

As history unfold, Naa Alasan Naparigu was a son of Naa Abudu Nabieg who succeeded his uncle Naa Andani Jirlon (II). Following the circumstances justifying his ascension to the Namship caused the the children of his immediate predecessor’s (Naa Andani Jirlon ) children to burned down the entire Old gbewaa palace.

It worth knowing when Naa Abudu was at the throne of Dagbon he has his first son, Saveligu Naa Akonsi designated as chief of Savelegu. In testing out his might he traveled out to ‘ Zambarima ‘ to engage its people in Battle. In company were Naa Mahaman Kpemah and Naa Alasan Tiparugu. Note, Naa Mahaman Kpemah was a son of Naa Andani Jirlon and Naa Alasan Tiparigu was a son of Naa Abudu Nabiegu.

Naa Mahaman Kpemah and Naa Alasan Tiparigu were young in those times. Unfortunately, in the battlefield Savelegu Naa Akonsi was captured by the Zambarima people and killed. The two younger brothers, Naa Alasan Tiparigu and Naa Mahaman Kpemah were also captured but they were not killed but were taught Islam till their adulthood. They were the first kings of Dagbon who could read the Qur’an. Upon their released, they returned home at a time when Naa Andani Jirlon was at the realm of Dagbon affairs, he was more advance in age, a period where he has completely lost his sight, he was blind.

After Naa Alasan Tiparigu return he was ensking as chief of Karaga. When Naa Andani Jirlon died his regent, savelegu Lan-Tugu Lan Yiri after successful performance of his father’s funeral ordered his uncle designated at Savelegu to ascend to Yeni, the Dagbon throne thereby making savelegu seat vacant for his occupation. This order of savelegu Lan -Tugu Lan Yiri could not be resisted by the whole entire Dagbon as result of his might, they have large family size and support. In those moments the Abudus children were expecting a rotation for the Namship, since Andani Jirlon died then Abudu son should succeed. The only candidate visible among the Abudu sons was Naa Alasan Tiparigu. Naa Alasan Tiparigu was weak and poor. His weakness was as a result of the mass killings of his brothers who also accompanied Savelegu Naa Akonsi to Zambarima as indicated above. Matrimonial home of Naa Alasan Tiparigu could not have nothing to offer their weak son. Diare was the matrimonial for Naa Alasan Tiparigu.

Diare Lan Dahaman was a matrimonial brother to Naa Alasan Tiparigu, he was an imam and wealthier. The matrimonial home of Naa Alasan Tiparigu resisted the order of savelegu Lan-Tugu Lan Yiri inward looking.

It’s on record Naa Andani Jirlon ousting of the Germans in Dagbon territorial boundaries to trans-Togoland. Diare Lan Dahaman met with the German soldiers and explained their predicament and promised their readiness to accommodate the Germans. The Germans sympathize with them and their offer.

When Savelegu Lan-Tugu Lan Yiri pronounced his order he immediately embarked his journey to savelegu but was confronted by the Germans at Tugu in a Battle where he was killed and haven his orders reversed.

Naa Alasan Tiparigu from Kariga ascended to Yeni, Namship.
His arrival saw the old gbewaa palace burned down to ashes by the surviving family of Naa Andani Jirlon.

Naa Alasan Tiparigu as a new Yaa Naa has no palace to accommodate him. He started with slums until he relocated the new gbewaa palace as seen today. He’s the first king to be buried at katini.

Naa Alasan Tiparigu lineage is as follows
(1) Naa Budu Satang

(2) Naa Mahaman Bila

(3) Naa Abdulai (Gmarigong)

(4) Naa Mahamadu

(5) Bolin-Lan Abdulai

Ideally, appreciating the custom, tradition and values of Dagbon people the more they are better understood.

One man’s meat might be another’s man’s poison. It’s a permissible way of life. The show of strength makes you a man in their diction.