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1. Electronic (tracking) Docket for Courts of law

2. One-District One factory (216 factories built as at Sept. 2018). This is a PPP (Public Private Partnership).

3. Paperless Clearing system (Ghana Ports)

4. National Identification System ongoing. Dome Kwabenya to end the pilot exercise. (Jan 14 – Feb. 2). Nationwide exercise begins in February.

5. 35% salary increment for Ghana Railway workers.

6. 11% salary increment for government workers

7. Registrar General online business registration system (e-registration).

8. Teacher Trainee allowance restored

9. Nursing Trainee allowance restored

10. Digital Property Address System ongoing

11. Planting for food and Jobs. Engages over 740,000 into the program (2017 estimates)

12. GHS 50,000 insurance package for Police Service implemented

13. Price (Ghc475 per a 65kilo bag) of Cocoa maintained despite falling international market prices (FOB)

14. Ghana implements first smart driver’s license in West Africa

15. Pays Ghc 1.2billion NHIS Debt (inherited)

16. Absorbs registration fees (2017/2018) for BECE students

17. Zongo Development fund implemented with seed fund of USD 50m

18. Northern, Middle Belt and Coastal Development Authorities operationalized

19. Land registration digitized.

20. “Operation Get off the Streets for better life” launched to target more than 300,000 street dwellers.

21. Pays off Energy Sector Legacy Debt

22. Computer programming inculcated into the national curricula.

23. Reserves 35% of entrepreneurship support fund for physically challenged

24. Scraps 7.5% tax on Lotto operators and 5% withholding tax on lotto wins

25. Abolished 1% special import levy
26. Abolished 5% VAT/NHIL on Real Estate sales

27. Abolished 17.5% VAT/NHIL on financial services

28. Begins a programme to replace 400,000 hectares of poor yielding cocoa tree with high yielding ones

29. Marine Drive Tourism and Investment Project of $1.2billion

30. Teachers arrears between 2013-2016 paid

31. Records 7.9% GDP Growth for 2017 which is about 92% growth on the 3.6% in 2016

32. Records industry growth of 17.7% in 2017 from the -0.5% in 2016

33. Records stock market growth 50% in 2017

34. Monthly pension increased by 10%

35. Foreign Direct Investment rises from USD 2.4 b in 2016 to USD 4.4b in 2017

36. Monetary Policy Rate reduced from 25.5% (in 2016) to 17% (Nov. 2018)

37. Office of the Special Prosecutor established. The Act, 2017 also passed. Currently awaiting the Legislative Instrument to be passed by Parliament to get it fully operational in 2019.

38. Spread allocation of Premix fuel to all OMC (Oil marketing Companies) instead of the two OMCs allowed under the previous administration

39. National Cathedral Committee setup. Archbishop Duncan Williams, Chairman.

40. No more power rationing and outages (dumsor)

41. National Service allowance increased from GHC 350 to GHC 559

42. Arrears of 2nd and 3rd Year SHS students in 3 northern regions outstanding since 2015 paid.

43. USD 39 million debt owed GAF (Gh. Armed Forces) Peacekeepers paid.

44. Allowance of GAF increased from USD 31 to USD 35 a day.

45. 1,216 persons resettled for Bui Dam with full land documentations provided.

45. 200,000 farmers benefit from fertilizers and farm inputs under the planting for food and jobs programme in 2017

46. 16,000 health professionals of which 206 are junior doctors so far employed

47. GHC 31 million arrears due persons with disabilities and HIV patients outstanding since 2015 paid

48. GHC 3.1 billion tier-two pension funds outstanding since 2010 paid

49. LEAP beneficiaries increased to more than 450,000 household across Ghana

50. Cuts Petroleum tax to 13%

51. Establishes Diplomatic support directorate, embassies and missions

52. Launched the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan with seed money of GHC 43.9 million

53. Sets up USD 20 million fund for start-ups

54. Launches 10-year cashew development plan.

55. Set aside USD 10 million fund for women entrepreneurs

56. Provides life insurance cover for GES workers

57. Created 19,900 additional jobs under the various YEA modules

58. Supports Audit Service with GHC 2 million for automation

59. Records almost 71.5% decline in debt accumulation (from 47.4% under previous government to 13.5% in November 2017)

60. Tax stamp policy implemented. All products have tax stamp (rationalisation of the tax system) in order to streamline revenue mobilisation per IMF conditionalities

61. Paperless tax exemption system implemented

62. Arrears for school feeding caterers cleared

63. ECG tariffs reduced drastically

64. Institutes compensation package of GHC 185,000 for Police Personnel who lose their lives or become incapacitated in line of duty. 122 beneficiaries paid (See Police Review report, 2018)

65. Secures 30% price reduction from pharmaceutical suppliers for medicines on NHIS list.

66. Guarantees 30% of university placement for public 2nd cycle institution (SHS) students

67. Rehabilitates ranches across country to secure grazing for livestock and solve the fulani menace.

68. Six-month tax amnesty for businesses and individual to regularize their tax affairs.

69. Paid GHC 2 billion of debt owed road contractors

70. Supports Coconut Producers with 60,000 seedlings. A new initiative to boost the coconut market.

71. Exempt first time real estate developers from customs import duties and VAT as well as 5 years’ tax holiday

72. 100 vehicles for the police service.

73. Inflation reduces from 15.4% starting January 2017 to 9.6%

74. Saved over
GHC 780million from sole sourcing.

75. Saves over GHC 5.7 billion in the form of fraudulent claims (judgment debt).

76. Saves USD 7 billion from review of 24 Power Purchase Agreements

77. Renegotiated Liquefied Natural Gas contract saves USD 1.2 billion.

78. Ghc9.9billion pumped into the banking subsector to arrest contagion which would have emanated from the bank collapse.

79. Recent financial clearance for 145,000jobs


1. Interest rate declining
2. Money market booming
3. Nuissance Taxes abolished
4. Duties and levies declining
5. Inflation rate declining
6. Debt-to-GDP accumulation declining
7. Road toll debt declining
8. Financial wastages from sole sourcing declining
9. Fiscal council setup to supervise government spending.
10. National Service allowance increasing
11. Ghc 5.6billion owed school feeding contractors paid. (Inherited debt).
12. LEAP beneficiaries increased (See 2019 budget estimates)
13. Infrastructure deficit declined. (See projections from Sinohydro pact and $1.2billion GETFUND grant to improve the educational subsector)
14. Unemployment rate declined. (See figures from Labour dept).
15. Illiteracy rate declined. (See figures from Ghana Education Service and Statistical service)
16. Ghost names expunged from payroll (See Controller & Accountant General’s report, 2018)
17. National health improved. (See Ghana Health Service report, 2018)
18. Inner Cities and Zongos improved. (See number of AstroTurfs developed.
19. Energy sector improved. (See Ministry of Energy report, 2017).
20. Foreign direct investments increased. (See Gh. Investment and Promotion Centre report, 2017).
21. Road safety projects on the ascendency. (See footbridges constructed from Roads & Highways Report, 2017)
22. Factories
23. Agriculture expansion is on the rise. (
24. Technological advancement is on the rise
25. Salaries are increasing
26. Free zones business opportunities increasing

1. Agbobloshie E-waste recycling plant to be completed soon.

2. Germany’s VW Automobile manufacturing Company to set up an assembling plant in Ghana.

3. China’s heavy duty Automobile company Sinotruk to set up an assembling plant in Ghana.

4. Exxon mobile to invest in Ghana (with GNPC to undertake deep-water oil exploration and production)

5. Gas plants to be set up in Tema

6. Google to set up its artificial intelligence unit in Ghana to serve the rest of Africa.

7. Siemens to set up a plant in Ghana to produce mobile phones to help in feeding the West African market

8. Japan in partnership with Noguchi research institute to improve upon our research✔

9. Ghana-Sinohydro $2billion barter trade with bauxite.

10. Four refineries to be set up Nationwide.

11. Pawlugu (Talensi district) multi-purpose dam to counter bagre dam spillages (to also serve as irrigation and power generation for the Upper East and parts of the Northern Region)

12. Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) in the offing.

13. Computer Emergency Response✔

14. Traffic Monitoring Centre✔

15. Tema Oil Refinery has kick-started operations✔

16. Siemens to set up assembling plant in Ghana to produce mobile phones

17. Hamburger Leistungsfutter GmbH to establish set up feeds (for poultry) plant in Ghana.

17. Nissan Automobile Company to set up an assembling plant in Ghana for the West African market

18. The Accra Sky Train Project

Thirty (38) new districts created.

See below dominant 30
1. Ahafo Ano South West District Assembly

2. Ahafo Ano South East District Assembly

3. Amansie South District Assembly

4. Amansie West District Assembly

5. Atwima Nwabiagya North District Assembly

6. Adansi South District Assembly

7. Akrofruom District Assembly

8. Adansi North District Assembly

9. Adansi Asokwa District Assembly

10. Afigya Kwabre South District Assembly

11. Afigya Kwabre North District Assembly

12. Assin North District Assembly

13. Asene Manso District Assembly

14. Atiwa West District Assembly

15. Atiwa East District Assembly

16. Berekum West District Assembly

17. Bolga East District Assembly

18. Bunkpurugu District Assembly

19. Fanteakwa South District Assembly

20. Fanteakwa North District Assembly

21. Garu District Assembly

22. Gomoa Central District Assembly

23. Gomoa East District Assembly

24. Nanton District Assembly

25. Obuasi East District Assembly

26. Okere District Assembly

27. Pru West District Assembly

28. Pru East District Assembly

29. Tempane District Assembly

30. Yunyoo District Assembly

✔ Oti Region
✔ Ahafo Region
✔ Savannah Region
✔ North East Region
✔ Bono East
✔ North East Region

✔ 1,671 farms out of 1,800 target provided with extension services to boost productive capacity of aquaculture operators.
✔ 3 hatcheries at Ashaiman, Kona-Odumase and Vea rehabilitated to increase fingerling production to meet demand.
✔Sankana and Dormaa-Ahenkro under rehabilitation plans in 2019
✔3 other rehabilitation Sites under consideration for Asankragua, Sefwi Wiawso and Nkawie to increase fish production
✔ A historic National Aquaculture Centre at Shama for learning fish farming.
✔ Aquaculture for Food and Jobs
✔ 69,713,125 litres of Premix supplied so far to boost marine operations.
✔ 92,259,000 litres of premix fuel under consideration in collaboration with the Private sector to facilitate the provision of 5,000 outboard motors and 55,250 bales of fishing gears for marine and inland fishers.
✔Anloga Fish Landing Site
✔ Teshie, Axim, Winneba, Mumford, and James Town fishing harbour Complex under consideration
✔Phase II of Anomabo Fisheries College started: designs completed.
✔Akosombo and Pong-Tamale under rehabilitation consideration to improve fish disease diagnosis and detection.

✔ Hamburger Leistungsfutter GmbH setting up a feeds plant in Ghana
✔ International Organization of Migration (IOM) to establish quail farms in Ghana for repatriated young migrants home. Esp in the Brong Ahafo Region.
✔ A pilot poultry project at the Youth Leadership and Skills Training Institute at Afienya engaging 2,000 bird
✔3 guinea fowl projects for a group of ten (10) young people with 500 birds each to take off in January, 2019 in 3 Districts in the Upper East Region.
✔ Logistics and Support given to poultry farmers

✔ Maize increased in yields by 67% from 1.8metric tonnes per hectare to 3.0mt/ha.
✔ Rice increased in yields by 48% from 2.7mt/ha to 4.0mt/ha
✔ Soya increased in yields by 150% from 1mt/ha to 2.5mt/ha
✔577,000 farmers supplied with subsidised fertilizer and seedlings for the 2018 cropping season.
✔ 278,000 farmers captured (projection of 1million by 2019) on the biometric database for monitoring, support and control.
✔ 183,000metric tonnes of fertilizer supplied to farmers
✔ 7,600 mt of seeds and cassava planting materials supplied.
✔ 2,700 extension officers recruited for agric improvement.
✔ 216 brand new pickups supplied to Agric departments and district Assemblies.
✔300 motorbikes supplied to extension agents.
✔ Historic exportation of Plantain to Burkina Faso, Mali et al.
✔ 1district 1 warehouse ✔Rearing for Food and Jobs (RFJ)
✔Ghana Commodity Exchange (GCX) to cater for futures, forwards and Options.
✔ Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD)
✔ Youth Livelihood Farms (YLF)
✔120 acre maize farm already under cultivation in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

George Grant University for Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, upgraded to an accredited tertiary institution to train Ghanaians in the railway sector in 2019.

3. A MOU signed between Ghana Railway and Africa Investment (Ai) SkyTrain Consortium, South Africa for the construction of the Accra Sky Train Project which is to start latest by 2020. Side attraction: job creation (fabrication, construction to be done by Ghanaians).
Project near completion
✔Kojokrom to Tarkwa through Nsuta (56km)
✔Kojokrom to Manso (22km)
✔Accra to Nsawam; Accra to Tema (70.8km)
✔Accra to Tema to Kumasi with a branch line from Busoso to Kyebi (340km) etc
✔ Kumasi to Paga with a branch line from Tamale to Yendi (596km)


This is an extensive research. Pls no part of this research should be taken out. If you cannot maintain this copy do not share.